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And now, to the questions and answers:

Are we allowed to drink alcohol on your vehicles?

Absolutely! One of the biggest benefit of riding in a limousine or limo bus is that you can drink while we drive.

How about smoking? Is that allowed in the limo?

No, sorry, for the cleanliness and ultimate preservation of our vehicles for all clientele - smoking is not permitted.

How is the maximum capacity determined in your vehicles?

The maximum capacity is determined and enforced by the Department of Transportation guidelines of 14" per seat allowances.

What is required to facilitate a reservation?

Our reservation specialists will need to know the date, time, and passenger requirements. All that will remain is the deposit.

How do we know that your vehicles are safe?

We tirelessly work to maintain and update our vehicles. If you would like to see our certification, just ask! We are happy to assist.

What happens if we damage the buses or limos?

While this very rarely happens, we have potential damage charges built in to our contract. Ask us for a reference and we can show you.

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